Who we are

Fernando Quércia Advogados Associados is a renowned law firm, properly registered on the Brazilian Bar Association, which aims to offer, to domestic and abroad companies, legal advice in a wide range of legal fields.
The law firm was constituted in 1997 by the founding partner Orestes Fernando Corssini Quércia, former chief of São Paulo State Police, moved by his sharp sense of justice and the anxiety of providing efficient solutions, with a high standard of quality and excellence, to the legal demands related to the business routine.
In order to support the large demand of clients, the law firm has a highly expert legal team accustomed to the several fields of the business law, which aims to a strong operation on the market, providing on an ethical, professional manner and with renowned skill consultative and contentious advice for legal entities of public and private law.

The professionalism and expertise of the law firm’s legal staff are reflected on the fields of activity of Fernando Quércia Advogados Associados: Tax Law, Civil Law, Business Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law and Biddings, Environmental Law, Insurance, Social Security, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Tax Review and Enterprise Restructuring.

Fernando Quércia Advogados Associados is present in two of the largest urban and commercial centers of Brazil – São Paulo and Campinas –, apart from operating on the European market as well by the subsidiary located in Lisbon, Portugal.
The facilities of the São Paulo office are located in one of the most important financial and business centers in Latin America, Avenida Paulista.

Over the years, the law firm has consolidated its position on the market, creating not only a solid name, but a renowned and expert technical team as well, which pursues for high quality and ethical standards.


Provide legal services of high technical quality, developing legal alternatives and solutions that deliver proper and efficient answers to decision-making of our clients.


Operate on the legal market on an ethical and professional manner, respecting the law and watching for the interests of our clients.