Tax Diagnostic and Review – Indirect Taxes

The area of tax diagnostic and review of Fernando Quércia Advogados Associadosdeals with taxation over production and circulation of goods and services regarding the Contribution to PIS/PASEP, COFINS, IPI and ICMS – that altogether represent the greatest collection of the Gross National Product (PIB | Produto Interno Bruto) of our economy.

Today, in the face of the great complexity and dynamics of the wide tax legislation that govern these taxes, the constant follow-up of tax operations by professionals with great experience of the practice surrounding it is of vital importance for the healing of company’s costs.

The law firm’s professional staff performs a thorough review of the companies’ tax operations, analyzing digital tax files from the last five (5) years, apart from the other documents that are necessary, without using a sampling method. As a result, tax diagnostic and review works should help on detecting tax assets improperly taken in accounting bookkeepings and/or company controllers, besides identifying hidden tax eventual contingencies.