Civil and Commercial Law


Fernando Quércia Advogados Associados operates on a specialized manner when conducting and solving conflicts and on the asset protection of its clients, working on several fronts of this wide Law area.

It is worth highlighting, among the areas that the law firm operates:

  • Development of legal consultations and opinions, in order to clarify and resolve the conflicts established on the corporate relations routine;
  • Preventive or preparatory analysis of procedures regarding issues that involve the administrative and civil scope;
  • Development and follow-up of legal actions – in particular, Possession Actions, Eviction Actions, Indemnities by Unlawful Acts and Moral Damage, among others;
  • Preparation of defenses and follow-up of processes in all judicial spheres;
  • Strong operation on the constitution of guarantees and on the compliance of obligations that are established between legal entities of public and private law;
  • Analysis of civil and professional liabilities, including with respect to medical responsibility;
  • Specific advice, on the law and business scope, to clients operating on the Insurance and Reinsurance fields, including health insurance plan and private pension plans;
  • Administrative and legal assistance on real estate business, particularly with respect to property acquisition, sell, possession and       freehold;
  • Operating on solving conflicts that involve issues related to marriage, accreditation and dissolution of common-law marriages, separations, divorces, regulation of custodies and minor visits, filiations, adoptions and paternity investigation procedures, concessions, exonerations and reviews of food and interdiction rituals;
  • Advice and resolution of disorders regarding inheritance law relating to family and inheritance planning, inventories and enlistments, asset partition and testaments.