Tax Law

Fernando Quércia Advogados Associados provides legal and tax advice and consulting services to domestic and foreign companies, operating on the widest range of economic sectors – financial, industries, commerces, service providers, investment funds and agribusiness institutions –, by means of a team comprised by expert professionals and with an express expertise.

Among the services offered, the following should be highlighted, without limiting the others:

  • Advice and consulting regarding interpretation and application of tax and pension legislations, in every sphere (municipal, state, federal, national and international);
  • Study of tax impacts on the project structure and domestic and foreign enterprises, such as in attainment of operations of corporate restructure;
  • Advice on obtaining tax incentives and of special taxing regimes;
  • Periodic review of procedures and proposition of tax and accounting practices consentaneous to the legislation;
  • Analysis and implementation of tax planning techniques, aimed to obtain tax economy;
  • Development of tax consultations before competent bodies of the Tax Administration;
  • Gathering of tax contingencies in due diligence procedures;
  • Development of defenses and appeals on the administrative sphere;
  • Creation of judicial actions objecting the demand of taxes and contributions unduly collected on the municipal, state and federal spheres;
  • Relevant operation at Superior Courts in cases of great impact in Brazilian tax system.